Happy Tenthiversary!

12308772_1679869332300084_4122418712189863731_nWell folks… We did it. We made it to 10 episodes! Chris Hanna and David Teachout join Jenn and Keith as their first guests. They finally get a taste of what it’s like to have an all access pass to an explicit tag. Can’t remember where you remember why they’re important to us? Check out this link to watch their video stream from July 23rd. These guys are hilarious and we can’t wait for a chance to laugh it up with them again.

Also, we make more fun of the Duggars and something else happened in the last few weeks but it seems a little fuzzy…

Chris can be reached at his deafilosophy here!

Find David here!

Hilarious gif that Chris sent is here!

For those of you who have not checked out our contributions to Atheist Analysis, Jenn’s article can be found at this hyperlink, while Keith’s is hiding in this hyperlink!






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