Episode 32: The Crucial Safeword

I have no idea why it took so long to get this short shit of an episode out. But fear not; we here at Not Another Atheist Podcast strive to nothing but podcast excellence and attempt to educate the shit out of you good listener amidst all our vulgarity! This episode teaches you why incest continues to be a bad idea. Also, something about “Making America Brannigan.” Then we find new reasons to hate on Dave.



Do Christian wives have to submit to Bondage and Sadomasochism requests from their husbands?

Episode 31: All Along the Syrupy Watchtower

We have a new guest; Jason Droboth of Secular Humanists Mount Royal University, the university Keith got his BA from, joins us to discuss the SHMRU and his religious deconversion. Enjoy a lively discussion and even learn why we need to “Make New York Shit Again!”








If you know of any other groups dedicated to supporting those who need help after religion, please shoot us a message with their information so we can make sure the word gets out!


Episode 30: Not Another Angry Episode

Well, we struggled to get to 30 without killing anyone. Though, this was almost the episode where that all changed. Keith and Jenn delve into #BlackLivesMatter vs #AllLivesMatter and #BlueLivesMatter. I think it is obvious by now where the rage comes in. Also, enjoy the latest creationist pamphlet if you really want to go from rage to brain dribbling out of your nose.


David Smalley’s Article, “Why Gun Nuts Lie – I Know From Experience”

Episode 29: Armpits and Arseholes Abound!

Well hasn’t this been a week full of shitty people? Good thing Keith and Jenn are here to make sure you know all about them! It is like a super power, only it isn’t worthy of being bastardized by Ben Affleck and Zack Snyder.



God Sent The Orlando Nightclub Shooter And Your “Gay Pride” And Prayers Only Make It Worse

Here Are All The People Applauding The Orlando Gay Club Shooter

Episode 28: Pastor Jay Comes a Preachin’

Joined by a trio of comedy, the three J’s behind Pastor Jay, of Konw the Trut!!! youtube fame, Keith and Jenn enjoy a total ramble cast to talk about what they do, who they make fun of and all the squishy, moist details. Buckle up!

Trigger warning: If you like Game of Thrones and are still reeling from the latest episode, you won’t like the intro.



Pastor Jay on Feminism







Episode 27: Podunkery Abound

I have a sneaking suspicion that Chris is a popular name… After months of talk, we finally got together to collaborate with the blogger formerly known as the Seathin’ Heathen. We talk about the fire in Fort McMurray and how the Syrian refugees show us just how horrible it is that they came here. Then we go vaguebook as hell to discuss the fact that the atheist and skeptic community still has some growing up to do. Chris and Keith also bore Jenn to death with some hockey smack-talk.





'We understand what they're feeling': Syrian refugees in Calgary step up to help Fort McMurray fire evacuees

Episode 26: Never Go Full Stigmata

What? Hate mail?! How did THAT happen?? We dive off on that, criticize the Pope some more, who didn’t see that coming, by discussing a recent document on the family. Spoiler alert: more words that mean absolutely nothing. Then listen to some reading on a bit of ignorant creationist literature.



Losing My Religion, the book Keith mentioned

Our recent appearance on Cellar Door Skeptics

Nuke the lizards comic